My journey started with me as just a doll fan…and then I became an artist, learned to design characters, was hired to do 3D modeling, and brought my interests full circle when I began to 3D print dolls and doll accessories.

Being raised by a mother and grandmother who loved to sew, and coming from an even longer line of women who loved dolls and designed clothes for them long into adulthood, I brought the family tradition into the 21st century when I began sewing for BJD and Ellowyne Wilde dolls in the mid-2000’s. However, a period of illness required that I take some time to focus on my health, and for several years, dolls fell by the wayside.

In 2019, I rediscovered my love of dolls thanks to artists like Et Cetera Dolls, Midnight Jewel, and Dollightful. I promptly launched this website and have been chronicling my doll adventures ever since, both on the blog and through the gallery pages.

3D printing revolutionized many industries and hobbies, but the doll world seems to have shunned it for the most part thus far. As a doll creator and fan who truly believes in the artistic potential of 3D modeling and 3D printing, I respectfully disagree with that attitude. Art is art, regardless of the tool. When we started using digital drawing tablets, people argued that it wasn’t art – and I think that the same thing is happening with 3D modeling and printing. It’s only a matter of time before this art is accepted and is viewed as being just as valid as sculpting in clay or resin.

To prove the potential for creating beautiful dolls through 3D printing, I began the Faun Doll Project, an attempt to create a fully 3D-printed doll that is created entirely in digital space and then printed physically on a home 3D printer. The Faun Doll Project has its own gallery here – click to learn more about the Faun Dolls and follow its progress.

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