The Faun Doll Project

This page features progress images and content about the Faun Doll Project, my first 3D printed doll series.

Faun Doll Project – Concept and Development

The Faun Dolls were originally designed out in the forest – literally. While on a family camping trip in the beautiful Seneca Forest State Park in West Virginia, I sketched out the first images for the two dolls that will hopefully be my first 3D-printed BJDs.

While purists consider only hand-sculpted, resin-cast dolls to be BJDs, I feel that a BJD is, well, any ball-jointed doll with full articulation. However, I acknowledge that everyone’s thoughts on this matter vary, and you can call the Faun Dolls whatever you’d like.

The Faun Doll Project – Video Introduction

In the above video, I discuss the development process of the Faun Dolls, and share some of the story behind their creation.

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